Things you should do before leaving your job

Trace a financial plan:

day job killerGiving up giving is synonymous with resounding failure, successful people always have a plan. The first thing you should do is to keep your accounts, i.e., you must keep track of your income, expenses and needs. Know where you stand financially will help you determine where you want to go, this is the first step of your plan. The following in the plan is to put an expiration date to your resignation, to determine a time you should answer this question how much should generate my assets to be able to quit my job? The income from your business should cover your expenses and needs. My recommendation is that your company should at least generate double what you win in your current job, in this way your assets can multiply, and you will not have conflicts to meet your needs.

Invest in your financial education:

Educate yourself financially is the best way to know what kind of assets or businesses are more profitable. A person who regularly increase your financial IQ has in his hands the ability to make better decisions with your money. Before leaving your job, you should invest your time in getting to know the assets that will help you achieve financial freedom. Keep in mind the following, “the rich become rich in your free time, i.e. the wealthy educated is while the poor are entertained.” My personal recommendation is the reading, attend workshops, seminars, conferences and online courses.

Choose your class of assets:

It is often recommended to build businesses that we love, I trust this premise. Human focus their attention and energy on the things that excite you. The ancient philosopher Confucius said “finds a job that you like and do not return to work or a just day in your life,” this philosophy applies entirely to the business. Find your passions, is an invaluable part of your path to the top. Please bear in mind that the assets are the only option to achieve financial freedom, this is why you must focus on those that will go with your personality, values, and interests. Since you have determined that you passionate about types of assets you should concentrate your energy, time and education to know everything about them.

Let your money work for you:

business strategyYou must understand that the only way of owning your time and do the things that you love is teaching your money to make it work for you. The first step is to generate capital gains, i.e. businesses that will help you multiply your investment. This kind of investment will not help you to have a steady stream of cash, but you will capitalize on to invest in more profitable projects. Many entrepreneurs do not dare to give up due to lack of capital; this is an excellent opportunity to test your financial skills and to pass multiply your money. The money will no longer be pretext to undertake, every dollar in your hand must be multiplied.

Selling is everything:

The most famous entrepreneurs in history, have also been big sellers. There is an excellent education I got from the book “The world’s largest seller” that says “One who knows to sell, puts the success at their fingertips.” The ability to number one in the business world are sales; entrepreneurs are excellent dealers. Before leaving your job, you must train yourself to become the best seller. The time comes that should be the leader of your corporation and your skills as a clerk will make the difference. Sell your ideas, products and projections will mark the success of your business. Entrepreneurs sell every day; this premise should accompany you from now onwards, recalls sales translates into income and revenues in wealth in turn.

In conclusion, entrepreneurship is synonymous with freedom in this new era, financial education and the construction of your business is the only way to achieve real freedom. Resign or not to your job is your decision, decisions shape our destiny. I invite you to that you choose to be rich, determine the financial success in your life and be free to choose.

If you are still hesitating, we recommend the following article from Forbes on “14 Signs It’s Time To Leave Your Job”

Seven steps to succeed online with a business plan

We all know that Internet and the digital world give us with a fantastic stage to launch our business projects. The possibilities of automation, low costs, universality and other factors make this the ideal environment to develop our creativity and success.

Strategise for your businessNow, a good business project on the Internet must go through a series of phases from its conception until the moment in which we obtain the expected results. We can not move forward without clear steps; on the contrary, it is necessary to have a strategy, a path that will lead us to our goal.

A well-defined strategy must meet a series of requirements to be effective (in this article can meet the five keys to a winning strategy). Let’s see then what are those steps that must elapse your web project to launch you to the success.

How to develop a business plan online successfully?


Although the purpose of our web project is undoubtedly economic, i.e. to pursue a profit, the first phase consists of deciding if we will get direct or indirectly.

The question in this regard could be: what are you doing on the web or what like it? Moreover, in this regard we have two possibilities: monetize it or not.

Monetize it means to focus it (spend it) activities that provide us with direct income. Moreover, here we would have in turn three possibilities: sale of products (own or third party), sale of services (own or third party) and passive income.

Not monetizing it means that we are going to take an approach that directly not going to produce income. Yes it will be beneficial so that indirectly or eventually you provide them (Examples: build or enhance our personal brand, build or enhance an image of the company…)


Once we have decided what we will do on the web, we must get down to work and create it. We must assemble web site that we need according to the purpose for which we have previously decided.

In this regard offered us different possibilities: blog, online store, corporate (company, organization or institution), web website with a blog, website content.

We must choose, as we have indicated, the website which best fits our idea of the project, our idea of what we want to achieve, taking into account the characteristics of each one.


Once created the website we must attract traffic, i.e., get to have visits. If we do not have people who go to our site we do not do anything, and this even though we have the best website in the world.

What can we do to achieve that goal? Things like the following:

Create value, the first content. How to ensure that people we visit to create content that solve problems or increase their quality of life in some sense. That is what is called value content, i.e. content which, as its name suggests, has a value to someone. Create content of this type, in addition, will allow us to become viral and that what we do to spread exponentially by the digital universe.

Use different techniques of SEO (search engine optimization, search engines optimization) in two forms: on page and off page. The key is to be friendly to the search engines and allow people to find us.

Use (the right way) different social networks that can marry well with our project (in this article can meet some strategies to use in social media).

Use the traffic of payment, i.e. mechanisms of advertising and ads to find (and attract) to our target audience: Google Adwords, Facebook ads.


Attracted customers, and as a prelude to the sale if that is our goal, we need to retain them. Put another way: we must retain that traffic that comes so that is not. Once retained, should maintain a cordial relationship with the same to earn their trust, to make that they trust us, they want to meet us and buy our products or what they have to offer.

How is that done? Through different techniques such as:

Strategies of email marketing.

Inclusion of contact forms.

Possibility of having chats or forums.

Using formats RSS so that visitors can keep up to date with what we publish.



If we decided to monetize our website directly, and turn it into a machine to produce income, has come the time to do so.

12 Tips for starting a business from home and not die in the attempt

Starting a business from home is a very interesting option because it allows us to reduce the initial investment significantly. It also involves a great commitment, discipline and organization if what we want is to build a successful business.

Work from homeWhile it is true that there are several advantages of working from home, it is also true that the comfort and informality may put at risk the professionalism of your business. If you do not manage things from the beginning carefully.

If you’ve started a business from your home or are planning to do so, here are a few tips that will help you making sure your adventure is professional and organized from the beginning.

To become tomorrow’s best entrepreneur, you need to start acting today as if you were already in business and successful. No matter that you start in a small room or the room of your home. Always bear in mind that the size of a company is the size of the vision of its founder. There are no small businesses, only businessmen without vision. If you are not great in the small, will stay small in big way.

From the first day when starting a new business, make sure you work with all your energy and determination. A great company is built by making our day to day work with more love and passion than anyone more.

Be disciplined and organized: the comfort of working freelance from home can be dangerous for your own progress. It is important to assume the challenge of undertaking with the responsibility for the case and be very organized in each process.
This starts by establishing policies that clearly define how you will work. For example, a key policy can be: “To request an advance of 30% of the total cost of the project before you start to develop it”. With discipline and much organization, you can take big challenges even if your business is just starting and attend from your home.

Set working hours: if you do not have a schedule and a work plan are going to collapse. It is true that you are in your House, and you can open or close at the time you want, but so are you going to build your great company? It begins by defining the time you are going to open and close. Then set a weekly work plan taking into account the key activities of your business model, remember that you have to produce, sell, deliver products, create alliances, etc.

Your schedule also includes space to make a self-assessment of the performance of your business and other space for rest.

Remember that it is not enough to establish schedules, you must meet them! There will be days that for some reason do not have provision to open or to comply with, but is precisely those days in which you get to test and challenge your limits.

Differentiate your business: design a slogan, a creative name, a logo, a differentiating value proposition… All these elements are key to differentiate yourself in the market and create an emotional connection with your customers. Make the image of your business according to what you are offering.

Investing: The fact that you take advantage of your home to reduce the initial investment, does not mean that already you will not invest it into your business. On the contrary, it is always possible to invests to grow your business. Make sure you invest in marketing, equipment that will help you to be more productive, in staff and all key element that will help you to grow in a sustainable manner. It is also important that you re-invest the profits of your business. You probably touch stop to buy cars, trips and luxury products, but if you do not invest in your business, it is unlikely to grow!

Capturestrong>Differentiate yourself from the competition: Don’t be one more in the market, clearly defines what your differential values are and why one should buy from you and not your competitors. There are different strategies of differentiation, identify what is most suitable for your business model and focus on it. If the market perceives no difference, it will decide by price. An interesting way to differentiate yourself is through service to the customer. Maybe your product is not the cheapest, but if you attend to each client in an agile way and exceeding their expectations, sure that they will prefer you and recommend you.

Takes control over finances and sales of your business: Currently we have at our disposal all kind of tools to efficiently manage a business! It is only a matter of comparing and using those that fit our budget (even there are many free) and our needs. Track finances and sales are essential to know how your business and from there to design strategies to grow and sell more. What is not measured cannot be controlled or improve.

Consider goals, objectives, and challenges: daily challenge and overcome your limits. Consider financial goals, sales goals and always consider goals that inspire you to give your best. No matter how much you have achieved, there’s always one step more to upload. When you reach the top of a mountain, it means that it has time to start climbing again.

Constantly learning:
entrepreneurship is a constant learning adventure. Every day there is something new to learn. Your classroom is the world and your teacher life. Attend conferences, seminars, read books… It is always a good opportunity to learn something new. It is also important to put into practice what you go learning.

Focus: when you start a business you get all kinds of proposals. Focus is to learn to say NO. It is something that takes a lot to entrepreneurs. Usually our enthusiasm leads us to accept jobs that are not part of our value proposition or you can not do. I know of several cases of entrepreneurs which accept projects that could not be performed, ended up being wrong with a good potential customer or paying fines for breaches of contract.

It is important that from the start, you define your ideal customer profile and leave clear what if you are going to spend and what you will not spend. Moreover, do not be afraid to say NO because I assure you that you’ll have all kinds of proposals, and you will have to reject many of them.

Surround yourself with passionate people to inspire you to be better: is very difficult to have a positive life if we are surrounded by negative people. Once you take the decision to undertake, it is highly recommended that you surround yourself with passionate individuals and that you inspire them. Many successful entrepreneurs enjoy sharing the lessons that have been learned, then take advantage of the business events that you attend and create relationships that you can provide a personal and professional level. Also creates relations with other entrepreneurs, as well as your, are starting, safe that you can learn a lot from them and to create interesting alliances.

Enjoy: Undertake to do what you love and loving what you do. Do not start a company to be that less work and that more wins. He starts a company to be the most committed and which most strives. You must be the inspiration for the people who work with you. Enjoy what you do and do it every day with more passion and determination.

Starting a business from home is a challenge, and you should take it as such. We hope that these tips will help you to start and develop your business successfully. Remember to share your opinions, contributions and experiences on the topic.